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OT: 4-D loopers (used to be Underwater theories...)

Alright, since we're on a science mindfuck trip here on LD...

Here's something I've pondered:

Say, for the sake of my example, time is the fourth dimension.  How 
would a four-dimensional being perceive music?

By "four-dimensional being" I mean an intelligence which can move back 
and forth through time as well as space as naturally as humans move 
through three-dimensional space.  Also, imagine they could "see" time in 
the same foreshortening way we little humans perceive three-dimensional 

Humans perceive time in a relatively linear way.  Your sense of time 
might slow down when you are hyped up on adrenaline, or change based on 
your blood sugar, or the ambient temperature, but you're always trudging 
forward through time.

So, if you could *see* time and walk around it like you walk around a 
statue in a museum, what music would be cool to *look* at.