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Re: MUSIC SOFTWARE designers on this list

loop.pool wrote:
>    I wonder how many people who work for software companies (or 
> who are actually designing looping software, plugins or other music 
> software there are
> at Loopers Delight.
> I can think of at least a half dozen.
> Do you folks feel like outing yourselves?   It would be cool to know.

I've been posting to the list lately, so most of you probably already
know me as the author of Mobius.  But hey, I'm not one to back away
from another chance at self promotion :-)

I've been writing music software as a hobby on and off for about 20
years, mostly MIDI sequencers and device editors.  I started on the
Amiga, moved to the PC, and am about to take possession of a MAC Mini
(yes, I'm porting).

Professionally, I've done a lot of different things mostly at startup
companies.  Currently I develop mind numbing "enterprise security"
software.  Working on Mobius keeps me sane.

Musically, I started as a jazz tenor sax player but abandoned that
after college.  I taught myself guitar to meet girls, which oddly
enough didn't work.  I don't gig, I improvise and occasionally record
for my own enjoyment.  My current gear favorites are the Vortex,
Roland VG-88, and Godin LGX-SA.

My first "looper" was a Korg delay with a whopping 2 seconds of loop
time. I eventually graduated to a JamMan but got frustrated with the
lack of stereo.  I set out to write a stereo looper to replace the
JamMan about a year ago, got sidetracked after discovering the EDP,
and eventually arrived at Mobius.  A long strange trip indeed.