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Re: EDP Glitches?

>The quick end-user troubleshoot move is to reseat the memory, or try
>known-good memory.

yes, memory is the most likely problem from what I hear.

it would be interesting to know whether the clicks happen at:
- cycle or loopend (-> SW/operation/sync/LED problem)
- at Overdub press, rather a bump (-> input VCA offset, a trimmer)
- anywhere, getting worse when FB slightly reduced (-> memory...)

since you have 4 SIMMs of memory, but the machine also works with 
just two of them (in the two left slots) you can maybe find out which 
one causes the problem

in some rare cases, its a worst case combination of SIMMs with big 
capacitive load that causes overcharges on a control line.
this only happens with all 8 or 9 chip SIMMs.
and it becomes worse when hot or when in BrotherSync.
when very bad, it can cause crashes
  (amazing huh? that bug was really hard to find... :-).
This can be fixed by replacing any one or two SIMMs (even with a 
8chip one of another brand) or by adding a little capacitor of 22pF 
between pin 8 and 10 of DECLOOP PAL.

>On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 22:05:29 -0800, Ronan Chris Murphy
><looper@venetowest.com> wrote:
>>  Does any one know what might cause glitches in an Gibson EDP with
>>  Loop4? I have removed all the possible variables and it comes down the
>>  EDP generating the noise. Since it becomes part of the loop, it is not
>>  on output. I have also run test being very conservative with levels, so
>>  it is not related to digital overs. This happens anytime I have been
>>  playing for at least 5 or 10 minutes.


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