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Re: new loop pedal

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
 > sounds like there's voodoo involved with this pedal....."things will
 > change and you don't even need to press a button".....wonderful!*

 From what I've read, this doesn't sound especially complicated, though
they certainly like to boast about this "patent pending" technology.

You set a threshold and what amounts to a beat count.  Samples
that exceed the threshold are considered beats.  Keep a running
average of the time between beats.  Stop when the preprogrammed
number of beats has been reached.  This is not unlike what a drum
machine does to determine the tempo from a stream of MIDI clocks,
though it's harder of course to accurately determine where the
audio beats are.

I would imagine that if you play 4/4 rock accurately with some space
between the notes it should do a pretty good job.  But this isn't
going to help you set up an eBow drone loop, or loop the intro to
The Black Page.