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Re: Effects drop out (was RE: Digitech GNX4)

Well, oddly enough, I have experienced no dropout with my cheap little 
Zoom 505 (which is a powerful source of deranged tones if you take the 
time to program it). I have no idea why not, but I am grateful.

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Subject: Re: Effects drop out (was RE: Digitech GNX4)

Well, for a while the Digitech series of processors (I'm speaking
specifially of the 2120 but I think it applied to others) had seamless
patch changes.  It was a dual processor idea and if you were using an
effect that used one processor, you could switch seamlessly to another
single processor effect.  I guess they ditched that idea now eh.


> Yes, even the wonderful MPX-G2 does this--oh well--
> Gary
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> Subject: Re: Digitech GNX4
> Brian
> even the most expensive effects (2000$ and up ) have this type of
> out so you'll have to play with it or using a split-paralell-merge type 
> effect routing
> Claude
> >I have a Digitech RP-300 guitar effects processor, and the worst thing 
> >about it is a noticable delay or "dropout" when switching between
> >I consider this to be totally unacceptable, and Digitech told me this 
> >delay is inherent in the system (must be a slow ROM chip). I wonder if 
> >this is still an issue with the GNX4?
> >
> > DJ, do you find there is a dropout or delay when switching patches?
> >
> > Brian

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