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Boss GT-8 and GT-Pro (was Re: Digitech GNX4)

> even the most expensive effects (2000$ and up ) have this type of
> out
> so you'll have to play with it or using a split-paralell-merge type of
> effect routing

I just reviewed the Boss GT-8 for Guitar One magazine (and I've been using
the GT-3 for several years now). Not only is there no dropout between
patches on all GT series multi-fx pedals, the GT-8 and GT-Pro (a rack-mount
unit - more on it in a second) feature a kind of "ambient effects overlap"
(I can't remember what Boss calls it) where delays and reverbs continue to
regenerate at the pre-existing settings when changing to a new patch.

I'm very disappointed in how Boss tends to market the GT series, stuffing 
into the amp modeling/vintage effects girdle when it is capable of so many
beautifully radical and unconventional sounds. It would be like marketing 
analog synth as a great "orchestral instrument simulator." Granted, it does
sound awesome when you call up those over-the-top metal patches, "tweed"
amps and 60s fuzzboxes. And the new dual parallel amp structure makes for
some great expressive tones. BUT it is capable of so much more: the single
note synth effect and ring modulator is Mini-Moog/Arp-aliscious, the sheer
quantity and quality of effects is excellent and the range and quantity of
adjustable parameters within any one effect will keep you on your hands and
knees, scrolling through tiny menus for years. (Which is what I've been
doing with the GT-3.)

Now Boss is offering the GT-Pro ($999 list, maybe $750 street) a rack-mount
version of the GT-8 with even more goodies (THREE external in/out points!
FIFTEEN effects at once! FOUR outs including XLR outs! 24-bit coaxial out!)
It should be available in April - the nice people at Boss have told me - 
to quote the punchline to a joke from elementary school days, "Me first on

No, I don't work for Boss, and I pay for their gear just like any other
schlub. But as a gear reviewer, I get to check out a lot of competetive
units. I understand the marketing niches that other manufacturers are 
for, but for my money, Boss rules when it comes to sheer tone-mangling and
extreme custom patch creation. Folks who are considering units like the
Orville, Eclipse, etc. might want to look at/listen to the GT-Pro. In 
After I get mine. First.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large