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RE: Best for looping live

Good question--short answer yes . . .
I had the Jam box when it first came out--saw it at the NAMM show and
acquired it in short order--bumped it up to 32 seconds--
But it "didn't do what I told it to".  The MIDI response wasn't fast 
and 32 seconds might seem like a long time while you are waiting to die but
not if you're trying to play a ballad--
I used it, I liked it, and I sold it for more than 350 so--hell yeah man, 
for it!


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Thanks Gary.

I can get a Jam Man for $350 from a nearby studio (without any foot pedals)
is it worth it?


Quoting Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net>:

> Echoplex Digital Pro--
> I like it for all kinds of looping--and it's MIDI . . .
> But it's not cheap--looks like they are pretty much a grand new . . .
> Gary