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Re: Best for looping live

There's a lot of variables to consider.  And, to a degree, the looper
you choose will dictate a fair amount of the structure of what you'll

I'm unaware of any pedal looper that supports loop copy or multiply
features, so that you can start with a cell loop of say, four bars,
then copy that to another loop while overdubbing and switch between
the loops.  If your base loop is a percussion track (tapping and
slapping an acoustic guitar, for example) then you can build
verse/chorus sections in a smooth, real time manner.  Loop multiply
allows you to take a base loop and then buld a new loop consisting of
copies of that loop, with or without overdubbing which can occur in
real time.  So, if you have a four bar base loop you can create a
"verse" which is twelve or sixteen bars, and a chorus which is eight
bars, and so on.  The EDP supports this, and I believe the Repeater
also does.  Without loop copy ability, you'd have to record a base
loop for your first loop, then repeat the procedure for your second
loop.  So if you were looking to create the sixteen bar verse and
eight bar chorus I mentioned, you'd have to play those twenty-four
bars before you could start overdubbing more parts (chords, bass line,
harmony, etc).  It can be done, but it can take longer and it's not as

Which brings us to the pricing and rack vs. pedal issue.  If you're
looking for something that sits on the floor and costs less than $500,
then you might want to consider a Boomerang, which supports up to two
loops with a variety of performance oriented features.  If you can
spend more and aren't rack-gear adverse, then the EDP or Repeater
might be better suited to what you're trying to do.

On Tue,  1 Mar 2005 12:42:49 -0500, mike@michaelplishka.com
<mike@michaelplishka.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I used to have a digitech sampler/delay but it fell into disuse based on 
> music I was doing.  I want to get back into sound on sound and some basic
> looping and digital delays but things have evolved so much in the 7 
>years since
> I last used sample/delay/sos. I play solo with an acoustic guitar on 

> Since these are being used primarily for LIVE performances, anyone have 
> ideas on what I could do? I'm thinking of returning the DD20 and 
>possibly the
> RC20 (though I got it to do some cool stuff) because of it's *immediate* 
> on the looping.  (Heck for the money for both of these ,I could midi-ize 
> guitar instead, which would take me in a slightly different