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RE: Peak at new Electrix Repeater MK2 and OS 2.0

Are you sure you've got your gain stages set up
correctly?  I've had great results with the Repeater
in a line level effects loop of a Soundcraft board.  I
can't say I've used the headphone output, but the line
level outs seem to be pretty good in the signal to
noise ratio dept.

I'm just tickled to see they've incorperated direct to
overdub and the ability to preset loop length like you
can with the Lexicon JamMan.  I guess I'll have to
upgrade as soon as it comes out in May/June of 2006.


--- mrweasel <mrweasel@eircom.net> wrote:

> Cool News.
> There are 3 things that have been said repeatedly (I
> know that's a cheesy
> one...) on the electrix forums that are very
> important (on top of the sync
> and memory improvement) :
> - Fix the NOISE issue (especially for the jack
> output and from the headphone
> output) as the repeater is currently too noisy to
> work in a studio
> environment.
> - Get rid of the clicking at the end of loops when
> recording on the compact
> flash cards (annoying when playing ambient music)
> - Design a software or application that allows you
> to create and/or get rid
> of the silence before and after the
> exported/imported loops: this is
> Also, it would be great to have the ability to
> monitor the metronome though
> the headphones only (essential for Djing for
> instance).
> Thanks
> Mr Weasel
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> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Peak at new Electrix Repeater MK2 and OS
> 2.0
> Peak at new Repeater MK2 & OS upgrades
> Greetings Loopers Delight members, 
> We met Kim Flint in Anaheim at the NAMM show and he
> encouraged us (Electrix)
> to participate in the discussions here. That said,
> we'd thought we'd pass
> along some preliminary info on the new Repeater MK2
> feature set. Please keep
> in mind that this is a partial list (more info will
> be released over the
> coming weeks/months). 
> With the new Repeater MK2, some of the enhancements
> you can expect are:
> o   Independent track looping control (can act like
> a
> sampler as well).
> o   Initial Record direct into overdub.
> o   Loop length pre-programming.
> o   Completely overhauled MIDI implementation that
> will give you greater control over more features.
> o   Persistent settings on power down/power up. The
> unit now remembers your setup.
> o   Sticky settings (stereo link, pan, pitch,
> metronome) optionally imported to new loops on
> creation.
> o   Utilities menu for controlling system operation
> from the front panel, including MIDI channel.
> Issues fixed from System 1.10
> o   Vastly improved MIDI clock quality.
> o   Positive indication of muted channels.
> As mentioned above, there are additional features
> not listed that will be
> part of the new Repeater MK2 and OS 2.0. We have
> compiled the list of mods
> from numerous user requests. Please keep in mind
> that our plans for the new
> product and OS are baked and any other suggestions
> will have to wait for the
> next OS.
> Many existing Repeater users want to know if they
> will be able to upgrade to
> the new OS. While it is our goal to offer an upgrade
> path (for a small fee),
> there may be some hardware changes required as it is
> likely that Repeater
> MK2 will have significantly larger on-board memory.
> We will keep you posted
> on this as information is available. 
> Second question on everyone's mind is "when and
> where can I get one"? We
> expect them to be available in May/June at select
> retailers. However, we
> caution that there will be limited availability and
> if you want one, you
> should visit your local retailer sooner than later
> and place a special order
> to secure your position. 
> Lastly, people are asking "how much?. US Retail
> price is $749.
> Hope this answers some open questions and we'll keep
> you posted on new
> developments as info becomes available. If you're
> interested in staying in
> the loop (no pun intended) for additional Electrix
> info, we'd encourage you
> to join our email list located on our home page @
> www.electrixpro.com.
> Thanks,
> Electrix