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very different functions of music

to understand the purpose of the music we are making we could maybe 
ask first what it should help the listener to concentrate on:
1  ambience / airport / exposition / shop / soundtrack   -> Sensation
2  partner / the party / animating lyrics / dance    -> Body / Emotion
3  himself / inconscious / universe              -> Soul
4  music itself / philosophy / interesting lyrics  -> Mind / discipline / 

obviously those aims can be combined to some degree.
1 and 3 are usually instrumental and appear similar, but the effect 
is almost oposit: someone who dives into his own world does not 
4 can be present in any other music for those who need to satisfy the 
mind to open for the other senses.

Loops are very usefull for 1..3 and lesser for 4

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org