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the un-uberlooper-20 sec delays, teaching old dog new tricks

so w/ all the recent talk of tape loops last week, i was wanting to experiement
more w/ my old ('87) tascam porta05, but found out it's officially dead. so i took
my radioshack 20 sec loop tape (that's been recorded over and over a bit) and did
random samples from one of my guitar loop cds and played around w/ that in my
cheapo walmart boom box and got some decent results....then i decided to give
the "do some illegal sampling thing" a try since i've never done it, and got out the
rolling stone 500 cd sampler i got when i bought that issue of rs, and randomly sampled
a 1-2 sec bit of each song on there (norah jones, who, billy joel, and other classics...)
and did a 2nd track experimenting w/ that and got decent results, nothing rhythmic, just
20 sec tape loop repeating and i did sample bits to my dodd-12 sampler for reverse stuff,
then i decided to try what i remember was big w/ the urban rappers in 80's, i guess it's the tape version of vinyl scratching, just gently hitting the "play" button but not fully hitting it,
and it gives kind of a "tape scratch" start -stop feel, well, i processed that through my alesis ineko, my ibanez de-7 delay (2.6 sec) and it went to my lexixon mpx100. i must say that there is an endless supply of sounds available w/ that simple setup, gave me the feel of what a looping dj must do and have fun w/...didn't pick my guitar up for about 30 min, quite fun.
the joy you can get w/ cheap ole analog gear.....
teaching an old dog new tricks i guess, and ug, i turn 41 today.....i have officially been playing guitar for more than 1/2 my life (and shouldn't i be better?). oh well. happy day to all...

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