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Re: Improvisation Ears, Styles, and chops

unbelievable that cecil and branford are mentioned together on *this* 
being a lowlee food service waiter in my day(actually nite!) job, i have 
the pleasure of waiting on both of these giants of jazz...this was a while
branford and marsalis were staying in a room together here at the sfhyatt
and they were congenial as hell fwiw....
i had just returned from a concert by cecil and i was waiting on him and he
asked what i thought of the show...i told him i was 'enthralled' and he
liked that-there were a bunch o' hangers on-like he was JIMI er somebody...
and that, dr. and everybody is as a meaningless a post as i can muster.
btw i am not bothered by anyones remarks about anything. i think it adds to
the whole bouliabaise(dont know how to spell that) of music-its meaning and
the beauty of it all...

> In a message dated 2/27/05 1:20:20 PM, info@krispenhartung.com writes:
> << funny, I remember Bradford Marsalis
> calling Cecil's stuff self indulgent bullshit on the Ken Burns history
> of jazz series. >>
> Yea, I remember being bothered by his remark, I think it was regarding
> something about Cecil expecting the audience to do some work and be 
> for 
> difficult listening.
> Branford's scorn and dismissiveness seemed to ignore the history of jazz
> development and to be intellectually lazy or perhaps just 
> So 
> art is supposed to be instantly familiar and accessible, otherwise it is
> "elitist" or merely "pretentious"? He apparently is happy to promote a 
> common 
> denominator approach that panders to an audience and is comfortable 
> more adventurous approaches.
> sigh
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