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Re: Improvisation Ears, Styles, and chops

In a message dated 2/27/05 1:20:20 PM, info@krispenhartung.com writes:

<< funny, I remember Bradford Marsalis
calling Cecil's stuff self indulgent bullshit on the Ken Burns history
of jazz series. >>

Yea, I remember being bothered by his remark, I think it was regarding 
something about Cecil expecting the audience to do some work and be 
prepared for 
difficult listening.

Branford's scorn and dismissiveness seemed to ignore the history of jazz 
development and to be intellectually lazy or perhaps just 
anti-intellectual. So 
art is supposed to be instantly familiar and accessible, otherwise it is 
"elitist" or merely "pretentious"? He apparently is happy to promote a 
lowest common 
denominator approach that panders to an audience and is comfortable 
more adventurous approaches.