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Re: One (possibly) Redeeming Quality of Solo Looping (wasImprovisation Ears)

My music tends to involve setting up a bunch of simultaneous complex 
processes and then interacting with them. There is too much going on 
for me to be in  control of each process simultaneously -- so my 'big 
ears' (such as they are) need to be applied selectively to determine 
which process can use my attention., which can be let alone, and 
which has warn out its welcome and need to be stopped or muted. This 
is a lot easier in a solo situation.

At 1:13 PM -0800 2/27/05, Gary Lehmann wrote:
>It seems to me that one reason for solo looping is the ability to use your
>"big ears" to stretch your musical boundaries, in a way that ensemble
>playing, even with the most gifted musicians, usually does not--they all
>have their own agendas, and their mind reading is spotty at best.
>I truly enjoy finding my way in unfamiliar musical situations--but looping
>while improvising is all of that!
>I like what Andre said in the Ronan interview (thanks Chris!) at 1:19:10
>about "throwing my playing back at myself"--and listening twice as hard as
>you play!


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