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New Mailing List

Hi all.
I have a few jazz looping gigs coming up around
Champaign/Urbana, Illinois and have started a mailing list
to inform people of the gigs and keep them up to date on
other random projects. I dunno if there is anyone on
Looper's Delight that is closer than Springfield, but if you
are or think you might be interested in other news and/or
recordings, you can subscribe to my list here:



I used the CD from when I played on WEFT radio as a demo for
several venues, and that seemed to get me the gigs. I'm
running off some more copies and should have some for sale
on my site at some point. I'm still trying to decide how
much to charge, and whether I should continue burning CDs at
home or have them actually manufactured, etc. I kinda like
making everything myself, but maybe that's not the most
professional way...

It's funny about the CDs...before I had the WEFT recording I
made a 3-song demo at home in which I left out the
"recording phase" at the beginning where I'm putting in the
bass+drum accompaniment. I figured that they wouldn't want
to sit through minutes of stuff with no melody. But it ended
up being the opposite. One person called me back and
specifically requested another recording on which he could
hear where I record in the accompaniment! Interesting.
Anyway, from now on, no abbreviated recordings, even though
that means I gotta pay higher license fees on the tunes.

Mark Smart