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Re: Who out there has the knowledge to design/build this looper?

At 10:03 AM +0100 2/26/05, Chuck Scholtz wrote:

>Two things we want everyone to know. 
>First, we researched the existing availability of products as well 
>as doing a patent search, but we couldn't locate an existing patent 
>for the project that we have envisioned.

>Second, the "music" in an exhaust system is much less complex than 
>in actual musical instruments, accordingly our quality expectations 
>and specifications are minimal for our product application.  Due to 
>the higher costs and skills required in using a Physical Modeling 
>(PM) approach, we are looking to handle this project with a less 
>expensive FM Wavetable synthesis strategy.

It may well be that products based on the technology I mentioned have 
not yet hit market, but as of 2000 the physical modeling techniques 
for car engine simulation were functional and ready for licensing. 
The company has since been acquired by a major chip manufacturer, and 
I expect that car engines are low on their priority list.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202