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Re: ending ambient pieces when playing LIVE shows

>   Doesn't anyone ever just stop'em cold? You know the old fashioned 

this tells me: you have enough of it - is that what you want to say?

I dont think its a technical problem
its rather about your understanding of the energies you are 
controling with the music

often you dont want the good mood to stop, so you pretend that song 
goes on forever and fading out seems to be the only way to say that.
to increase reverb is great because it means that the song goes on 
elswhere (since were you are, the next one starts)

if you end the show by only fading out there is a risk that listeners 
do a car crash afterwards. So usually I let the deep piece fade away 
but play some simple clean slightly animating chords with little 
reverb to make the listeners come back to this world.

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