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Re: Digitech GNX4

Hi Paula,

I don't have a JamMan, so I can't say how similar the GNX4 is to it, 
but my experience with the GNX4 is that this is one of the weakest 
features on the device.  It is very very hard to create seamless 
musical sounding loops, and they will often contain clicks.  I thought 
it was me until I borrowed a RC-20 from a friend and had no trouble 
creating loops that were in time.  My theory is that there is a delay 
on the GNX4 that make the loop point hard to nail.  But I could be 
doing something wrong as I tend to use the GNX4 mostly for things other 
than looping.  In fact I hope I am wrong and someone on here can tell 
me how to get a lot out of this function as it would be cool.  Also, I 
could not find any kind of feedback control.  Does the JamMan have 


On Feb 26, 2005, at 11:30 AM, <mizfeldman@bluefrog.com> wrote:

> Does anyone use the Digitech GNX4?  It's supposed to have a built-in
> "JamMan Delay Looper w/8 levels of undo".  Anyone know how much of the
> functionality of the Jam Man is actually built into this device ... or
> other comments?
> paula