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Re: mac recording question

Title: Re: mac recording question
At 6:22 PM -0800 2/25/05, Joey wrote:

Can't you just go to the apple website and find the specs there?

Can't you just go to the Apple Web site to see if they have the specs and then post those specs here, rather than simply asking the question of whether someone else couldn't visit the Web site?

If you did that you would find that Apple lists the audio specs merely as:

*  Integrated high-performance stereo audio system
*  Internal 16-watt digital amplifier
*  Headphone jack (headphones not included)
*  Audio line in jack
*  Built-in microphone

If you were then to search further, by going into the Apple Support area, you would find:

Audio Input Jack

Analog audio input minijack; up to 16-bit stereo and 44.1 kHz sampling rate.

 The external sound input jack is a 3.5 mm mini phone jack. The sound input jack accepts line-level stereo signals. It also accepts a stereo miniplug-to-RCA cable adapter for connecting stereo equipment to the computer.

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