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SooperLooper and sync with Live 4...

Anybody else noticed issues with getting SooperLooper to lock-synchronize 
with the clock in Ableton Live 4.x?

Every time I get the sync working between the two, I find that 
is clocking about 1/10th to 2/10th's of a BPM off from Ableton.  For 
instance, 120.0 BPM in Live almost always reads as 119.8 BPM in 
SL.  Usually SooperLooper is slower, but occasionally it reads fast.  I 
don't believe it's merely a display error, as the two do gradually drift 
apart after several repetitions of the loop.  SooperLooper's 
synchronization is set to "MIDI Clock", and quantize to "8ths".

I've tried downloading a third-party MIDI clock program (from 
http://www.grantedsw.com) in hopes that maybe having both programs sync to 
an arbitrary source might help, but haven't yet been able to get 
SooperLooper to recognize that at all.

I'm just curious if anyone else has run into similar weirdness....



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