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Re: mac recording question

Well, it depends.  The quality of the audio in port (I'm assuming
you're talking about one of the stereo miniplug mic in connectors) is
acceptable for most people.  Your USB interface may, or may not
present a higher quality set of inputs and d/a convertors.

However, if you're having USB audio problems--are you using USB v1, or
a USB PCI card by chance?  Early or non-native USB setups have been
known to be problematic.

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 18:13:28 EST, Nemoguitt@aol.com <Nemoguitt@aol.com> 
> is there a difference if i come out of my mixer and go into the usb port
> then to the computer or straight from the mixer and into the mac audio
> in.....the reason i ask is the usb port that i bought seems to not want 
> work all of the time and that was souring me on the whole computer as
> recorder issue.....so i have not been recording anything for 
> having gotten sick with my sorry ass for not being able to get this stuff
> together i just went form my mackie right into my mac and it 
> bypassed the usb altogether.....am i missing anything
> nonusbing?.....thnaks.....michael