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Who out there has the knowledge to design/build this looper?

Somebody out there has the knowledge needed to create our engine/exhaust voice simulator.  We are looking for a musician, DJ, audiophile, programmer, sound engineer, or anyone who has an interest in today's fast cars or musclecars from the 70's.  We don't want to just change the "pitch," we would prefer to be able to slow down/speed up stored digital sound samples using real-time time-stretching correlated to RPM with either a software or preferably a hardware solution.  See our proposed product at www.musclecarsounds.com to see if you have an interest in this ground floor design opportunity.  Full credits and profit-sharing.  Contact us ASAP using the email contact address on the website.
Need frequency response from about 10Hz to 2500Kz
Ability to store 4 - 8 samples
Ability to pitch shift or time stretch samples
Low cost, simple interface preferred
High-end sound quality not necessarily required
Need a turnkey unit