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Re: PMC-10 popped up on eBay

(From Ebay)

You asked:
"There is typically a wired remote contol that comes with this unit, 
which is used to program it. Is that a part of the auction as well as 
the unit and power supply pictured? -J"

HI. I spoke with my brother who is the owner of this unit, and he said 
that there never was a remote included with this unit. Therefore, the 
auction is only for the unit and AC adapter. He used this piece in 
conjunction with the Digitech 2120 artist unit that is also currently 
for auction. Hope this helps.

Bernhard Wagner wrote:
> http://nosuch.biz/pmc10/parallel
> Bernhard
>>Doesn't look like this one comes with the programmable remote.  Is there 
>>some software which will allow you to program a PMC-10 without the 
>>remote?  Thanks for posting this.  I've been thinking about getting one 
>>of these for a while.
>>Bernhard Wagner wrote:
>>>PMC-10 popped up on eBay