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Re: Peak at new Electrix Repeater MK2 and OS 2.0

moi aussi!

tra la la la

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On Feb 24, 2005, at 10:48 PM, William Walker wrote:

> This news makes me HAPPY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!
> Bill
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> Subject: Peak at new Electrix Repeater MK2 and OS 2.0
> Peak at new Repeater MK2 & OS upgrades
> Greetings Loopers Delight members,
> We met Kim Flint in Anaheim at the NAMM show and he
> encouraged us (Electrix) to participate in the
> discussions here. That said, we'd thought we'd pass
> along some preliminary info on the new Repeater MK2
> feature set. Please keep in mind that this is a
> partial list (more info will be released over the
> coming weeks/months).
> With the new Repeater MK2, some of the enhancements
> you can expect are:
> o   Independent track looping control (can act like a
> sampler as well).
> o   Initial Record direct into overdub.
> o   Loop length pre-programming.
> o   Completely overhauled MIDI implementation that
> will give you greater control over more features.
> o   Persistent settings on power down/power up. The
> unit now remembers your setup.
> o   Sticky settings (stereo link, pan, pitch,
> metronome) optionally imported to new loops on
> creation.
> o   Utilities menu for controlling system operation
> from the front panel, including MIDI channel.
> Issues fixed from System 1.10
> o   Vastly improved MIDI clock quality.
> o   Positive indication of muted channels.
> As mentioned above, there are additional features not
> listed that will be part of the new Repeater MK2 and
> OS 2.0. We have compiled the list of mods from
> numerous user requests. Please keep in mind that our
> plans for the new product and OS are baked and any
> other suggestions will have to wait for the next OS.
> Many existing Repeater users want to know if they will
> be able to upgrade to the new OS. While it is our goal
> to offer an upgrade path (for a small fee), there may
> be some hardware changes required as it is likely that
> Repeater MK2 will have significantly larger on-board
> memory. We will keep you posted on this as information
> is available.
> Second question on everyone's mind is "when and where
> can I get one"? We expect them to be available in
> May/June at select retailers. However, we caution that
> there will be limited availability and if you want
> one, you should visit your local retailer sooner than
> later and place a special order to secure your
> position.
> Lastly, people are asking "how much?. US Retail price
> is $749.
> Hope this answers some open questions and we'll keep
> you posted on new developments as info becomes
> available. If you're interested in staying in the loop
> (no pun intended) for additional Electrix info, we'd
> encourage you to join our email list located on our
> home page @ www.electrixpro.com.
> Thanks,
> Electrix