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Re: Peak at new Electrix Repeater MK2 and OS 2.0

On Feb 24, 2005, at 4:40 PM, flatrice@yahoo.com wrote:
> o   Independent track looping control (can act like a
> sampler as well).

please explain this. are you saying independent control of track length 
(ie: tracks 1&2 5 bars, tracks 3&4 7 bars)?

> o   Initial Record direct into overdub.
> o   Loop length pre-programming.


> o   Vastly improved MIDI clock quality.

cool. i always had to record an empty loop and then restart the 
computer's transport when i syncronised it from Numerology or an ER-1.

> to offer an upgrade path (for a small fee), there may
> be some hardware changes required as it is likely that
> Repeater MK2 will have significantly larger on-board
> memory.

ok dude. i'm sold if "significantly" means "an order of magnitude 
greater than the original" ... (like 256 mb) and the whole crossfade 
issue is fixed.
Eric Williamson