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Rick Walker's PURPLE HAND CD release party

Hi Gang,

If anyone is in the Northern California region this coming weekend,
I will be releasing my brand new project PURPLE HAND in a
free to the public CD release party replete with lots of black lights.

It will be in Santa Cruz, California at a beautiful new venue called the 
which is on the Pacific Garden Mall a half block south of the Cataylst and 
Grove Music directly above the bar called the Blue Lagoon.

The show will be this Sunday, February 27th at 8 p.m. and I will be doing 
set I'm very excited about doing
with our newest transplanted east coast looper,  bassist Dan Soltzberg 
I'm going to be trotting out this really cool drumset that I've been 
on that
represents attempts to sound electronic with totally acoustic sources.

Dan and I will  play an improvisational drums with bass  set (exciting 
because we have never played together before),
  have a little chat and greet and then I will be playing the entire
PURPLE HAND CD from top to bottom on a beautiful, state of the art Mackier
Subwoofed Speaker System (lent to me graciously by Mike Dicker for the 

I'll then sell and sign CDs to end the evening, when we'll all go 
to the Blue Lagoon to dance the evening away.


PURPLE HAND is a loop based project that I've been composing for the last 
two years.
It is NOT a live looping record but was done entirely on a computer.    I 
decided that since the music's
were so different in both of these endeavors that I would continue my 
L()()p.p()()L moniker for live
playing/live recording and start a new moniker, Purple Hand, for my 

Purple Hand has more groove on it than previous CDs I"ve released but it 
also has some experiemental tinges
in it's downtempo take on things.

It is also available through the mail by sending a $15 check to:
Rick Walker
Purple Hand
412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California

For the next month, anyone who mentions Loopers Delight can not only buy 
CD for $12, but I will also donate $5 of those dollars  to
Kim Flint, our illustrious leader here at L.D.

This also goes for any CD in the L()()p.p()()L discography:

Loop.pooL (2001)
Translucent Dayglo Lime Green Plastic (2002)
Faux Voix (2003)
Purple Hand (2005)