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OT--Harmonizing Guitar using the Lexicon MPX-G2

Hi gang--
I know a couple of you use the G2 so I thought I would cross post--here's
what I sent the G2 list.

>From: Gary Lehmann <hqr@earthlink.net>
>I am enjoying programming the G2--finally!
>Now, a question--I want to use MIDI data to harmonize a guitar signal.  
>Is there any way to control the harmonizing effect from a MIDI data 

What are you trying to do exactly ?
You can control almost any parameter with Midi Control Changes, including
the shifting.
I have one program that behaves like a whammy with a 5th limit.
My pedal sends a CC, with values from 0 to 127, and it is 'patched' to +0 

+700 (I think).
I don't have the unit near me, so I don't know exactly the parameters and
the names.
Is it this kind of harmonizing you plan to do ?
I can provide you with more details about my preset if you want (when I'll
be home).


--->Then this morning I replied to that reply:

Hi--You replied to my question about harmonization using the G2.
I use a laptop for a one man band show.  I have been using Digitech
harmonizers for vocal harmony.  That's the kind of thing I want to do with
the G2--send it a stream of MIDI data, either CC or note on info, and have
it harmonize the guitar.
I have done this in the past with Roland guitar effectors, most recently
with the GT-3, so I have a couple of songs that have the data
programmed--and I can edit this info to match what the G2 will use.