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Re: Re: ending ambient pieces when playing LIVE shows

Andy -

Perhaps so.  The particular challenges of performing ambient music arise
from characteristics that might be said to define ambient music.  The irony
of an audience paying attention to something ambient creates the tension 

Certainly, all the ideas to end ambient loops that people have mentioned 
valid and work.  I've used many of them.

The idea of decreasing the size of the "loop window" sounds cool - though
I've done something somewhat similar Revers-ing and Inversing a loop so the
loop covers less and less "ground" while at the same time fading out (I hop
that makes sense!).

Generally, my experience of ambient performances have shown me it's far
easier to begin something than to end it.  So true in life, too.  But, I
think others will agree that knowing in advance how we intend to end a loop
will directly effect the way we will begin a piece and how we will 
a loop/loops.

So, by asking how you guys end ambient loops, perhaps I'm kind of also
asking about how you begin them.

Anyway, it's been great fun reading what people do.  Larry might complain
I'm not talking about music, but I've learned things that can improve my
performances. :-)


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> >Still, I was hoping for something new.
> >
> >David
> I bet if you asked the question again without specifying "ambient" 
> be a lot of suggestions.
> Once or twice I used a special Vortex patch to post process the loop.
> At the press of a button the loop would be faded down and simultaneously
> fed to a short echo and plenty of processing. Sort of ending with an
> :-( don't suppose that's very ambient though.
> andy butler