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Re: Power of the Eventide Eclipse

At 10:26 AM -0700 2/23/05, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>Quick question to you Eventide evangelists.

Disclaimer: I don't own an Eclipse, nor have I ever used one. I do 
own an H3000, DSP4000, and Orville. I have been on the Eventide 
mailing list for years, where there are many Eclipse users.

>How powerful is the Eclipse?

Plenty powerful.

>This is the replacement to the H3000 units, right?

Not really, though it inhabits the bottom slot in the Eventide product 

Technologically it is a couple of generations past the H3000. 
Functionally it is similar in that it does not support user-designed 

>If I were to sell all of my rack effects tomorrow (Boss VF-1, Akira,
>Vortex, Boss SX-700, Boss GT-3, Lexicon LXP1 and LXP5, would the Eclipse
>keep me interested and diversified enough?

Only you can answer that question.

>Would I be able to have chorus, delay, and great reverb, plus cool 
>tone altering effects all at the same time? With no algorithm 
>restrictions, etc.

You would have less immediate access to the various components of 
your processing network. Yes, you'd be able to have multiple 
simultaneous effects, but I doubt if you'd be able to replicate what 
you can achieve with the combination of seven discrete processors you 
mention. One principal advantage with the Eclipse is that it would 
sound better since your signal would be passing through a single, 
high-quality unit rather than an assortment of separate boxes.

Why not borrow or rent an Eclipse and try it out yourself?

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202