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RE: Sit or Stand?

hey Miko any chance you might want to do a set with Andre laFosse and I at the attic on April 10th, a sunday evening.  there is no money in it other than what you can make off your own merchandise, but you would be able to have at least 45 minutes to an hour to do your thing. if you are not interested or can't make it, is ther anyone else you could suggest?  I thought about Chris Muir though I have no contact info for him and he hasn't posted to LD in quite some time.n Since its a Sunday night i figured tthere might not be any conflicts.
Let me know ASAP.
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Whoa... I'll be 52 in August... I still like to stand. I found that when playing solo acoustic I immediately had a better reaction from the audience upon standing. Having always done the rock thing anyway, it seems more natural.
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Weak back is one reason I am asking--mine hurts . . .  But heck, I'm 52--

Mine too . . . and I will be 52 in a couple of months as well.

The "access to footpedals" question is a reasonable one too. I am frequently
"pedaling" with both feet when I'm playing with my full rig and seated.
Unless you can do something like the old Morley cartoon mascot guy and
have pedals for shoes this is a little difficult to do while standing.

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