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Re: boss pedals

yeees Mark! Long live FeedBack control!
I coule not even imagine to loop without controlled by foot...

>I whole heartedly agree.  I really like my DD-20 a
>lot.  I can't even imagine having a looper that
>doesn't allow you to control the percentage of
>feedback for your loop.  That's why things like the
>RC-20 don't even show up on my radar.
>--- ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:
>>  Ahem! Ahem! About the DD-20 . . .
>>  In a message dated 02/22/05 9:43:11,
>>  travishartnett@gmail.com writes:
>>  > Yeah, it's not a looper--it's a delay pedal with
>>  deluxe features.
>>  >
>>  I beg to differ. With 23 seconds of delay time and
>>  the ability to have 2
>>  loops (delays with 100% feedback) of the same . . .
>>  related . . . or even
>>  totally differing lengths going all at the same time
>>  it can be a pretty darn
>>  powerful "looper" -- certainly every bit as much of
>>  one as the DL-4


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