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new software looper mobius

dear loopers,

I'm new to the list, so just a few words about me:
I'm musicain (as most of you I guess) playing electro-acoustic
hurdy-gurdy. I play in bands and improvised sessions with and without
loops. For looping I used a jamman till now and my laptop for live FX
(via RME Multiface) both MIDI controlled.

I was always looking for the best solution to do looping on my
PC (Windows) in order to have more possibilities (stereo, multiple
tracks) and less luggage while travelling).

Now it seems I have found what I was looking for and I have not seen
it discussed in the mailing list archive, thats why I'm writing.

It is the mobius software programmed by Jeff Larson which seems to be
finished in the first beta versions only since a short time. It
simulates 8 EDP machines at the same time (finally in stereo!).
you find more at www.zonemobius.com

mobius is still in the beginning but for me it is already the
ultimative loopdevice on PC. I had lots of fun when trying
it for the last few days.

kind regards,
Matthias Loibner