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Re: boss pedals


Thanks for the detailed info. It sounds like I may be trading in my
DL4 for a DD-20.

Regarding the final question, I wasn't quite clear. Here's what I meant to 

Let's say we have two presets: A (3 second delay with 100% feedback)
and B (5 second delay with 100% feedback). We create a 3-second loop
with preset A and then switch to preset B. What happens to the
material we recorded into preset A? Does it continue to repeat at 3
seconds, or does that 3 seconds of audio get fed into the 5 second
delay, causing the 'loop' to fold over onto itself as it crosses the 5
second boundary?

>From certain clues in what you described elsewhere, I suspect that the
3 second delay continues looping at 3 seconds, completely independent
of the new 5 second delay, essentially acting as delays running in
parallel rather than delays running in serial. (The primary clue being
that once you switch to preset C, the material built up in preset A
immediately disappears.) Is that the case?

If it behaves like that, you could quite easily create a variation of
Henry Cowell's "rhythmicon" using a couple DD-20s and an A/B switch
(or, if you really wanna go crazy, 3 DD-20s with an A/B/C switch).

And yet another question (since noone around here carries 'em): If you
do tap-tempo for setting the delay time for a reverse delay, does the
reverse begin at the second tap or does it wait for another 'cycle' of
the tapped tempo? In other words: tap--->play for 3 seconds-->tap;
does it immediately play the audio backwards or does it wait for
another 3 seconds, reversing whatever was played for the 3 seconds
after the 2nd tap?

Thanks again.


Jon Southwood

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 17:20:38 EST, ArsOcarina@aol.com <ArsOcarina@aol.com> 

>  Was that what you expected?
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