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Re: boss pedals

Ahem! Ahem! About the DD-20 . . .

In a message dated 02/22/05 9:43:11, travishartnett@gmail.com writes:

Yeah, it's not a looper--it's a delay pedal with deluxe features.

I beg to differ. With 23 seconds of delay time and the ability to have 2
loops (delays with 100% feedback) of the same . . . related . . . or even
totally differing lengths going all at the same time it can be a pretty darn
powerful "looper" -- certainly every bit as much of one as the DL-4
or Headrush were. In fact, I traded in an RC-20 in on a DD-20 -- which
turned out to be so much more useful I eventually bought 2 more.

Sure, I wish it could save "banks" of loops and had minutes of delay
time instead of seconds. But, it really works quite well for live looping.
I used 2 at Y2K4 and a number of others were using them as well.

It's just a different opinion, but not an altogether uneducated one.
Myself, I mainly use a pair of EDPs. But for a limited, small loop-rig
alternative I think DD-20s are pretty darn effective. I say this after
having had an RC-20, two DL-4s, JamMen and a host of other delay pedals
over the years (including the original old Electro Harmonix 16-second
job). Every pedal/effect has it's area of specialty. Some are super powerful,
some are not. As far as I know, no single hardware (or software) "looper"
does everything I'd want it to do ideally. With any choice you have to
accept certain limitations and work within them -- or buy a separate
device or plug-in that fills the gap.

But, in my opinion the DD-20 is really quite a bit more than just "a delay
pedal with deluxe features."

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

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