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Re: When does it end?

The more modern multieffects units allow for individual effect
switching within a patch, as if you had virtual stompboxes.  The boss
GT series, the Lexicon MPX, Roland GP-100, anything made by Rocktron
in the last ten years, and so on.  You have to have a MIDI controller
than can send the right sort of commands, but it makes a big
difference in the appeal of those boxes.

There's a reason Zoom stuff is so affordably priced.

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:52:22 +0000, phill wilson
<blackface@hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> one of the problems that i constantly battle with that leads from this 
> is the old
> MultiFX Vs Stompbox's.
> I love the ability to turn on just one effect at a time and use them in a
> creative and addiive way, therefore stompboxes are the love of my life
> leading me  to own over 60 at the tender age of 25. however there is 
> a pull towad the benifits of muiltfx due to the lack of realestate on 
> of the floors i play on.
> the biggest downer of multifx for me is that most use PATCHES, i 
> loved these things as you could change lots of sounds at once, however, 
> my creative side, they are so fixed and limiting.
> the other thing i hate about multifx is that for some reason 
> think we would never do with out them so thay, the make the bypass to two
> button command that leads to an uunholy mess of patch changes if you dont
> hit them just so...........dont you all just hate that, Ive actually
> wondered if I could hack my zoom 707 and put a little bypass switch in 
> middle of the case before the screen and link it to press both buttons at
> once (anyone!?!?)
> well thats my spleen vented for the day.
> Phill Wilson
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