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Re: boss pedals

Yeah, it's not a looper--it's a delay pedal with deluxe features. 
Check the Loop Station manual on the LD site for a run down on the
looping specific goodies.  The XL version is the one to get, with the
auxillary footswitches.

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 16:06:38 -0000, Chris Lee <chris_lee43@hotmail.com> 
> finally got to theshops to tryout  only the boss rc 20 
> can,t help but notice the dd20 going a lot cheaper  else where,seems to 
> more to offer ,ARE there any disadvatages to it  ?ie for looping. 
> get to try one next week. 
> This seems to be all I can find within my price range and portable 
> for busking. 
> any other suggestions welcome 
> Chris