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RE: ugly racks of gear AND Re: Sit or Stand? Guitarist and Bassists only

Was hoping this thread would go away.. but if you cant beat 'em...
I sit.. Of course I sit... and whats more i think that the looper/solo musicians who stand, are the ones who look stupid.. jigging about a tiny bit but not much cos they'll over balance and step on the mute pedal, hovering, wobbling on that feedback/vortex morph pedal. PAH!
You'all SAY you stand.. dont believe it... seen the pics from all the loop fests.... SIT SIT SITTING SIT KNEEL (rick walker of course) SIT SITTING ASLEEP..!
Now.. back in the old days, when I was touring the states as the guitarist in cranes, playing enormadomes with the cure.. blah blah! I STOOD!! I ran about.. I slid.. I leapt from the stage into the audience, I sommersalted into my amp cabs, I threw the guitar into the air, I hammered it with knives, spanners and screw drivers, I twisted, and bent the neck as it screamed feedback.. I rammmed metal stcks in between the strings and thrashed, I attached bulldog clips onto the strings and shook.. I pogoed, and then I dived back into the crowd.. and that was just in the first song!
...what a wanker I was...
...yes I sit down, and Im fiercly proud of it! If they bore of the old seventies educational 16mm films that I play backwards.. ("How to deal with accidental poisoning" is a WINNER! especially in reverse!!! ).. then they can stare at all the blinking lights on my fucking ugly racks!
PS.. I still I attach bulldog clips onto the strings.