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Re: Sit or Stand?

Okay, Gary, Ted, fellow back sufferers (I have 2 cracked vertebrae), I have the word from my Feldenkrais pyhsical therapist: he sez that moving around is very important if you wanna avoid pain. And he also said the "shoe gazer" pose is actually okay, wheras its opposite, the "pissing on the ceiling" pose, is potentailly harmful.
And try to avoid really heavy guitars (says Tim Of The Nine-Pound Strat) ;-)
Padded straps are an absolute must. (Yes, on the guitar too...cue the rimshot! )
Hope this helps.
Sonic Luv,
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Weak back is one reason I am asking--mine hurts . . .  But heck, I'm 52--

Mine too . . . and I will be 52 in a couple of months as well.

The "access to footpedals" question is a reasonable one too. I am frequently
"pedaling" with both feet when I'm playing with my full rig and seated.
Unless you can do something like the old Morley cartoon mascot guy and
have pedals for shoes this is a little difficult to do while standing.

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