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Re: When does it end?

In the current issue of Electronic Musician, there's an interview with
a few soundtrack composers who use synthesizers to mock up scores:

Q: Tell us about your rig.
Jerry Grant: I buy a new computer every three or four years.  I am not
a gear nut.  If you are a sailor and you lose the race, you blame it
on the fact that your sails aren't good enough.  That's not where the
blame lies; it lies in the way you are sailing your boat.  Moving back
into the realm of music, in the heyday of the Yamaha DX7, we each had
10,000 sounds for the synth.  Let's say I have to write three minutes
of music in a given day.  How long do I have to look through those
thousands of sounds to find the perfect sound?  You can't do it. 
Instead, you cultivate 100 favorites, and if a sound doesn't work,
just find another one.  It wasn't worth it to me to spend one hour
editing a sound, when in that same hour I could write 30 seconds of

Mark Griskey: Music technology evolves so fast these days that it
seems we constantly have to upgrade and research to keep on top of the
curve.  Having said that, you need to have an environment that is
solid and reliable, so you can turn it on and get to work.  That seems
to be the challenge.

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:08:14 -0800, Dennis Montgomery
<morpheus@speakeasy.net> wrote:
> This is a major challenge for me...and while I'm getting better with
> practice (aka: age :-)  I still haven't found an answer.  I'll go in one
> direction with the intention of never needing anything else gear-wise,
> then I get inspired by something musical I've never explored and next
> thing I know, I'm researching some new piece of equipment.  It's always
> such a dilemma, I hate getting caught up in the new gear tornado but it
> leads to new musical experiences...  I've always admired those that can
> devote their lives to perfecting a relationship with a single
> instrument, but I'm not one of them :-)
> Dennis