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RE: When does it end?

There are only two cures for me on this one: 1) giving up all
electronics completely and going to strictly my acoustic, or 2) finding
the holy grail of rack gear that replaces everything in my 8 space rack
now...like maybe just two processors (top of the line Eventide and
Lexicon) and a stereo, single rack mount looper (I'm waiting for this
one to come out)....probably about a $8,000 rack.   But to your point, I
do get some pleasure from acquiring the gear, tweaking it, learning
about it, spending hours on creating a graphical interactive tour on my
website, etc, etc.   In my 25 years of playing guitar, I have gone
through multiple systems - combo amp + pedal effects, combo amp + rack
effects, powered speakers + rack effects, non-powered stereo speakers +
rack effects and power, pedal effects inside a rack + combo amps...and
I've gone through this series several times, everything from 2 space
racks to 20 space shockmount racks that lit up like Christmas trees.  

At some point in time, you just have to play, which is the practical
solution between these two cures for me.   One day, something may click
in my head, and I'll show up for a gig with my acoustic guitar, a pig
nose amp, and a Boss RC-20.  And then I'll focus on just the notes,
rather than the "dressing" around the notes.  The effect madness, albeit
fun, is sort of liking looking out a window pane.  What you see is the
notes. You can put all sort of fancy designs around the window pane on
the molding, use stain glass to colorize the view, or alter the glass to
distort or completely mangle the view, but in the end it's still the
notes on the other side of the window. At this stage in my life, I'm not
content with just the unaltered view through the window.  I prefer an
altered view of reality, the sci-fi, fantastic escape from reality. :)
One day I may become obsessed with the purity of the view through the
window pane.  This is what I admire about you guys who show up with a
laptop and a microphone in your hand, using nothing but your voice...no
effects, etc.  That to me seems very liberating and empowering.  For
now, I am voluntarily and happily (sadomasochisticly) enslaved by the

Krispen Hartung 
View improvisational / real-time looping videos:
Interactive tour of my gear: http://www.boisemusicians.com/gear.htm

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I'm curious to hear if anyone else has the same bittersweet dilemma: 
Revolving Gear Syndrome.

On one hand, it would be really nice to just have a set-up, and stick 
with it. I think of all the additional time and energy I could be 
spending on playing, if I could just leave my rig alone.

On the other hand, I find a lot of inspiration in the gear itself. New 
sounds have an affect on my playing, and generate new ideas.
        It's also pretty fun to troubleshoot the inevitable issues that
from adding a new device. Where will it work best in the signal path? 
Series or Parallel? Does this device require another device in order to 
get the most out of it? Can I figure out a way to get the same sound 
with the stuff I've already got? Will it be the straw that breaks my 
back?  etc. These questions require a lot of thought, sometimes. I 
happen to like thinking, so it's all good - but I'd also like to read a 
good book, you know?