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RE: Sit or Stand?

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Krispen wondered:

Anyone use a drum stool? I'm thinking of getting one, because they are
padded, swivel around to access a plethora of pedal devices, racks on 
side, and their height is adjustable.

--->I do!

When I did a solo in the 80's, I would kick bass pedals, and this required
seating--I acquired a drum stool, still use it some--but no back support on
that puppy.

Incidently, I was drawn to bass kicking when I was in a duo with a fellow
who played guitar and kicked bass--George York is his name, and we were
called The Bass Went Home--"the world's only two man trio".  He would use a
tall wooden stool, prop himself up with his butt just barely hanging off 
edge, and with his long legs, from the audience it looked like he was