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Re: Sit or Stand? Guitarist and Bassists only

I have in the past used drum thrones and those portable keyboard benches.  
few months back I bought A tall "universal throne".  It has a padded seat 
and backrest, does not swivel but has a built in foot stool.  It is 
and so a little more cumbersome to pack, than either a drum throne or 
bench, but it sits higher (adjustable to something like 37" from floor to 
bottom of seat) so I sit taller to the audience, which adds to visual 
of performance.  This also helps in switching from sitting to standing 
p[ositions as the difference between the two is not so...drastic (even tho 
am also quite tall).

>Anyone use a drum stool? I'm thinking of getting one, because they are
>padded, swivel around to access a plethora of pedal devices, racks on
>either side, and their height is adjustable.

Kim made a great point about hiding behind one's gear.  If you must have 
such a complicated setup, and do a lot of tweaking of it........let the 
audience see that as well!  And yes, neaten up those cords.  How many 
have we seen "one of out own" digging thru a cord-orgy to find the culprit 
of a technological SNAFU...while on stage!