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When does it end?

I'm curious to hear if anyone else has the same bittersweet dilemma: 
Revolving Gear Syndrome.

On one hand, it would be really nice to just have a set-up, and stick 
with it. I think of all the additional time and energy I could be 
spending on playing, if I could just leave my rig alone.

On the other hand, I find a lot of inspiration in the gear itself. New 
sounds have an affect on my playing, and generate new ideas.
        It's also pretty fun to troubleshoot the inevitable issues that 
from adding a new device. Where will it work best in the signal path? 
Series or Parallel? Does this device require another device in order to 
get the most out of it? Can I figure out a way to get the same sound 
with the stuff I've already got? Will it be the straw that breaks my 
back?  etc. These questions require a lot of thought, sometimes. I 
happen to like thinking, so it's all good  but I'd also like to read a 
good book, you know?