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Re: Sit or Stand? Guitarist and Bassists only

Depends on the venue and the music being played.

At the "Critical Mass" show in 2002 I stood up, mainly because there was so
little room in the space provided to me and a didgeridoo player, however
separately.  I was wearing standard black and didn't realize that they were
going to have black lights up there - so I felt like Mr. Lint in front of
everyone.  Later someone told me they were thinking about the sky showing
through me while I played, the only other visible bit being the pickguard 
my Strat.  My thinking at the time was that I didn't want to do the Sitting
Down Like Fripp thing, as there was a lot of criticism going round at the
time about it.

In the US when I played at the Tunnels up in San Gabriel canyon, I found it
nice to wander around the outside of the circle, giving all concerned a 
of sound (acoustic with eBow, bounced off the unfinished walls of a 40-50
foot wide tunnel).  I also remember thinking in parallel to the kind of
thing Neil Young does sometimes.

When playing acoustic blues I *always* sit down.  I don't know why beyond
the need to do the Foot As Slapping Percussion Thing ala Hooker, and the
feeling that it's somehow right for the kind of music.  Otherwise I've 
really thought about it.  Thanks for this question then!

RIRP, Hunter S. Thompson (Rest In Relative Peace)  Gonzo lives!

Stephen Goodman
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