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software looping

Hey guys.

I was a subscriber a few years ago and was looping
using a Boomerang pedal, but kind of fell out of the
proverbial "loop" for awhile.  Now I have a greatly
renewed interest in returning to looping during my
gigs, but I'd like to base it around my G4 Powerbook. 

I'm not sure what software will do what I'm looking
for with a fairly intuitive interface.  I have a midi
controller keyboard, and would like to use that in
conjunction with audio inputs (guitars / mics / bass /
whatever) and use all of the above in creating live
loops in front of a crowd.  

Any recommendations?  I spent a few days with Ableton
Live, but just can't wrap my head around their
interface.  Surely there's got to be something that is
easier to use.

If it would simplify the usability of the software,
I'd love something that I could use just to loop and
overdub audio input (the aforementioned guitars /
whatever) and leave the midi controller out of the

Thanks for any help.

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