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Re: Sit or Stand? Guitarist and Bassists only

I'll stand if if feel that there's a need for it
Large stage , stage layout, lightning , kind of performance etc. ( and if i'm in the mood for that.)
I feel that standing up I have more control over the Guitar and sitting down
slightly more control and overview over the loopers but maybe less regarding footwork,
(but i'm not trying to use more than one pedal or switch at one time, to much of a balance act standing up, for me anyway. )
About kim "The ugly rack of gear"( I'ts hard to position the rack to the side , on the left there's easy access with the left hand but sometimes i need to fret a note and turn a knob at the same time and similar with the right hand side ( picking wise) , so the best position is in front of me , but i tend to go with the left depending on stage setup, though in the studio always in the center and sitting down) I use 3 footswitches and 1 midi controller + VG-88 with 2 expressionped and/or Vg-8 with 1 expressionped and sometimes a line 6 pod with swell + dist + delay pedals as well.
Regarding back problem ( I have a heavy doubleneck guitar )
I use the Slider dual shoulder strap http://www.slider-straps.com/STR/guitarclose.html which i recommend all guitar and bass players to try.
Once adjusted and put on the "right" location on the guitar/bass , (it's not necessarily the standard place ), it balance out nicely and i don't feel the weight (and you don't push the shoulder up on the neck side.)

Gunnar Backman
Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics
E-mail brakophonic@telia.com

2005-02-21 kl. 11.02 a k butler wrote:

how many sit and how many stand?