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RE: Sit or Stand? Guitarist and Bassists only

It depends on how much gear I bring, and what kind of gig. If I'm bringing
my full complement of pedal boards, I'll stand because its easier to 
things, dance the boogaloo, and strike rock star poses. if its a sonic
wallpaper kind of gig, wedding or restaurant thing,  without much gear, 
sit, and try to blend in with the normal people.  As I recall Larry did sit
and use a footstool, which may have gotten in the way of his edp foot 
poor guy, I kinda...sniff...miss him...sniff...a little bit..actually late
at night after Y2K4 ended, when it was discovered that Larry did indeed
leave his two EDPs behind, there was some discussion as to whether or not 
should tell him, reasoning that perhaps the kind thing to do was not say
anything. I can't help thinking that this whole outburst from the Larry had
some kind of weird PT Barnum inspired promotional angle. I gues we'll never
unless of course you are still out there somwhere lurking Larry.

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Now that the traffic has died down, time to clutter your mailbox again 8)
with a poll of the looping string players: how many sit and how many stand?
PS  I assume Larry the Coop sat at Y2K4, with his foot on a stool?
PPS  Occasional string players welcome--looppool?