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RE: Sit or Stand?

Ted said: 
If I am doing a gig solo I may stand for part (or all) of it if my weak 

and my variable mood will allow me. I may not play as well but I'll 
CONNECT with the audience better for some reason when I stand.

--->   Thanks to all for the first responses!

Weak back is one reason I am asking--mine hurts . . .  But heck, I'm 52--
Access to multiple pedals is another.  One guy who might not get in on this
thread is Stickista Tom Griesgraber--he is in Italy and France with Jerry
Marrotta and the CGT--he is a San Diego local, I've seen him a few times,
and he always stands--he's got like, 5 expression pedals and a Roland MIDI
But -->SHOW BUSINESS<-- is another consideration.
More replies, mates!  This beats complaining about musical appreciation any