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Re: Sit or Stand? Guitarist and Bassists only

I almost always bring a sturdy stool to gigs. But, depending on
whether I'm feeling "extrovert" or "introvert" at the very moment
I take the stage I may wind up doing either. It all depends.

I always feel like I PLAY better sitting -- absolutely. However, I am
also aware that I look boring enough (as it is) when I play. So, the
very spectacle of me standing and drooling in the spotlight too
may have some compelling entertainment value for folks.

If I am backing a singer, poet, dance troupe or playing a supportive
role in an instrumental group I will sit and try to stay out of the
spotlight while attempting to execute my duties competently.

If I am doing a gig solo I may stand for part (or all) of it if my weak back
and my variable mood will allow me. I may not play as well but I'll
CONNECT with the audience better for some reason when I stand.

The above may not be true for everyone. But it's what I've found to
work for me after many years of being a stupid ass guitar player.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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