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Re: Rane SM 26b mixer/splitter

I've used two for years (in different setups, a 26 and a 26B, the
balanced version).  There is a wonky feature where the volumes
interact with each other to a degree.  If you're only using four of
the channels, changing the volume on the unused channels affects the
overall volume around "7".  They are really useful and usually easy to
find in eBay for around $125 or so the last time I looked.

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 16:50:39 -0800 (PST), Randy Leifer
<redrabbitlosangeles@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Does anyone else use these?
> I find them incredibly flexible. I don't have a mixing
> board so over the past year I've found 3 of these,
> used, and have been creating all sorts of nice
> routings....and I still am coming up with new ones.
> Basic example:
> I can take one source signal, split it into 6 mono or
> 3 stereo signals (first Rane:split) and feed it my
> looping effects, adjusting gain to each.
> Then mix all those back to 2(second Rane:mix).
> Send that stereo signal to my main loop
> effect/recorder,adding the loops to it by adjusting
> the  gain on the first.
>  Which is then sent to the third Rane:mix , and still
> have 2 stereo inputs there for other sounds to play on
> top of it all.
> Have you a similar or different setup?
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